Holiday Decorations Reminder

The holiday season is full of images of brightly lit homes and beautiful or amazing decorations throughout the area.  As you get your decorations ready to “light-up” the community, please remember that the CC&Rs prohibit using things like screws or nails to attach decorations to the exterior of the building.  Homeowners will be held responsible for the costs of repairs caused by punctures, holes or any other damage to the common areas.  There are not to be any decorations placed on the roofs.  There are products available from home improvement stores that will let you hang decor without causing damage to the building.  As the Association is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the exterior of the buildings, these rules are in place to keep costs low and extend the life of the buildings.

As a reminder, Association rules state that holiday decorations are permitted provided no damage is done to the common areas and should be installed no earlier then 4 weeks prior to and removed no later then 2 weeks after said holiday.

We wish you a peaceful, safe, bright and happy holiday season from the Indian Hill Townhomes Association.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Seabreeze Management.